Shanghai qingpu zhenxin shock absorber factory is located in shangpu town, near to G50, huning expressway and 318 national highway.

Factory is mainly engaged in all kinds of damping spring shock absorber, spring hanger, shock absorber, rubber suspension shock absorber, low-frequency compound rubber shock absorber, rubber shock absorber, rubber shear vibration isolator, in a flexible soft rubber joints, reducing vibration of the pedestal design and manufacturing, products are widely used in all kinds of horizontal, vertical water pump, fan, cold water machine Lord, heat pump units, diesel generator, generator set, compressor, punching machine, power based vibration test-bed, anechoic chamber, etc and all kinds of fan coil units, vav boxes, axial flow fan, duct, pipe lifting vibration, etc.

Shock new staff adhering to the "people-oriented, customer first" business philosophy, to create "good faith, professional, innovation, harmony" enterprise culture, through strengthening the whole process of product from design to after-sales quality monitoring, to strengthen the pre-sale, sale and after-sale service, be quick, timely handling, service in place, and got favorable comments from customers and establish long-term cooperative relations.

Under the certification of ISO9001 quality system, the factory constantly improves the product quality through the internal quality inspection of the factory and the testing of the third-party authoritative laboratory.

In today's increasingly fierce market competition, we have always pursued a sustainable development strategy relying on scientific and technological progress, continuously explored and innovated, and made our contribution to the development of China's shock absorber industry. Zhenxin enterprise is willing to join hands with you to advance together, to create a new high!

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