In engineering, shock absorber or cushion is usually used to reduce the damage caused by the vibration of central air conditioning. The water pump in the machine room usually adopts the damping spring damper to reduce the vibration. But for the central air conditioning, these two methods have their own advantages. In engineering cases, there are many cases of rubber damping pad used in central air conditioning.

The rubber shock absorber has the following characteristics:

1. Rubber has high elasticity and viscoelasticity;

2. Compared with steel, rubber has large elastic deformation and small elastic modulus;

3. The impact stiffness of rubber is greater than the dynamic stiffness, and the dynamic stiffness is greater than the static stiffness, which is beneficial to reduce the impact deformation and dynamic deformation;

4. The stress-strain curve is an ellipse lag line, whose area is equal to the vibration energy (damping) converted from each vibration cycle to heat, which can be adjusted by formula design;

5. Rubber is an incompressible material (Poisson's ratio is 0.5);

6. Rubber shape can be selected freely, hardness can be adjusted by formula design, and can meet the requirements of stiffness and strength in different directions.

In consideration of cost, most of Party A will use rubber damping pads to reduce vibration. This kind of damping method has the advantages of small cost and easy installation. Some air conditioning manufacturers will automatically bring rubber shock pads (such as Trane air conditioner) when goods leave the factory.

As a shock absorber, rubber shock absorber has several advantages:

1. The shape can be determined freely, and the hardness can be controlled by adjusting the composition of rubber formula, which can meet the requirements of stiffness and strength in all directions;

2. The internal friction is large and the damping effect is good, which is conducive to cross the resonance region and attenuate high-frequency vibration and noise;

3. The modulus of elasticity is much smaller than that of metal, which can produce large elastic deformation;

4. No sliding part, easy to maintain;

5. Small quality, easy to install and disassemble.

6. The impact stiffness is higher than static stiffness and dynamic stiffness, which is beneficial to impact deformation.

However, the life problem seems to be the "dead hole" of rubber shock absorbers. For a relatively thimble, Party A will ask Party B to provide a damping spring shock absorber.

The biggest features are heavy load, adjustable height, quick and convenient installation, especially suitable for vibration reduction and noise reduction of large rotating equipment, which can effectively isolate the vibration of large power equipment such as water chiller, cooling tower, heat pump unit, generator unit, eliminate mechanical structure vibration, reduce noise, protect machinery and extend mechanical life.

Technical features of ztf adjustable damping spring damper:

1. The spring is designed with low natural frequency and treated with spray molding, which has good weather resistance and high vibration resistance efficiency.

2. The top and bottom are designed with anti-skid and wear-resistant rubber and anti Zhi bolt, which can ensure that the height can be kept consistent during installation, after installation and when there is no load, with high safety and easier installation.

3. The installation is simple and the height and level can be adjusted according to the actual needs.

4. It can effectively isolate the vibration of large power equipment such as water chiller, cooling tower, heat pump unit, generator unit, etc., eliminate the mechanical structure vibration, reduce the noise, protect the machinery and extend the mechanical life.

5. It can be used for vibration isolation of most high-frequency rotating equipment, especially for heavy machinery and equipment.

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