Spring shock absorber
Product introduction

ZT type damping spring shock absorber (also known as prestressed spring shock absorber) has the double advantages of low frequency and large damping of steel spring shock absorber, eliminating the resonance amplitude phenomenon inherent in steel spring. There are 29 specifications for this series of products, among which the natural frequency of 1.6 hz-4.9 Hz and damping ratio of 0.065 are respectively handled by a single load of 15kg-4800kg. The series shock absorbers have wide load range, easy for users to choose, low natural frequency, good vibration isolation effect, and compact structure, small size, easy installation and replacement, safe and reliable use, long working life, strong adaptability to the working environment. It has obvious effect on the isolation of positive vibration isolation, negative vibration isolation, shock vibration and solid sound transmission. It is an ideal shock absorber for isolating vibration, reducing noise, controlling vibration pollution and protecting environment.

ZT type damping spring shock absorber can be divided into three types according to the different installation methods: 1, ZT type shock absorber upper and lower seat surface anti-slip rubber pad, for the power equipment with less interference force, can be directly placed under the ZT type shock absorber equipment, can be arbitrarily moved to adjust the center of gravity, do not need to be fixed. 2. Zt-i type is upper fixed type. 3, ZT - Ⅱ for fluctuation are fixed, to suit various installation needs.

Technical parameter
Sample display
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